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2006-04-03 - 10:47 p.m.

Oh, now this one is interesting. I just fucking love it.
Right now Democrats are attempting to make the case that the Republican party are basically a bunch of racists and bigots, based on the fact that "they want to criminalize hard working citizens". Okay, first of all, they're not citizens, but anyway, moving right along.
The bill that passed the House was written by Republicans, and in that bill illegals were named as felons, which is where the Democrats get their case. But what you don't hear them say is how they fought to keep that language in the bill.
James Sensenbrenner is the man who wrote the felony charge into the bill. He is a Republican. Afterwards, the White House asked that he take it out so that they wouldn't have to prosecute millions of cases, and he tried to do so. The following is a quote from Representative Sensenbrenner on the house floor, speaking about he proposed amendment to the immigration bill:
"What this amendment does is reduce the penalties for this type of immigration violation from a felony in the base bill to a misdemeanor."
As the law stands right now, illegals caught crossing the border face a 6 months penalty, while those who overstay their visas only face civil penalties. Republicans have been trying to change the law so that the 6 month penalty will apply to both, and Democrats will have none of it. One of the big points for Republicans right now is that two of the 9/11 hijackers overstayed their visas. Perhaps if people like that could be detained, it may help in preventing other attacks.
Whatever...anyway, the point of this entry isn't to debate whether the bill will work or not, it is to point out just how hypocritical and full of shit Democrats are.
All we hear from Democrats right now is how the bill is too harsh, how we need to appreciate illegals because they contribute to our economy and we need to offer them an easy path to citizenship. If that is the case, then someone please explain to me the following results of the vote on the amendment which would have struck the felony charges from the bill:
203 Republicans voted to pass the amendment
17 Republicans voted against it
36 Democrats voted to pass the amendment
164 Democrats voted against it

Does anyone else see a bit of hypocrisy here? It absolutely amazes me that there are still some in America that don't see through the bullshit that is the Democratic party.



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