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2006-05-03 - 11:18 p.m.

Watch out America!!! Exxon/Mobil is ripping you off!!!
For those of you who can do basic math (meaning those of you smart enough to not vote Democrat), here is the truth behind all the "price gouging" and the Democratic theory that Bush is in bed with Big Oil:

Average Big Oil profit per gallon of gasoline sold: $0.09

Federal tax per gallon: $0.18

Exxon/Mobil profits in the first quarter of 2006: $8.4 billion. 70% of thse profits were earned outside the United States, but you probably won't see that in the headlines

Exxon/Mobils profits in 2005 were $36 billion, $18 billion of which was reinvested in refinement and capacity expansion

Over the last 15 years, Exxon/Mobil has earned $201 billion in profit, and reinvested $210 billion.

Liberals in this country pander to extremist environmentalist groups, refusing to allow America to achieve any form of energy independence. We can't drill in ANWR, or off the coast of Florida or California. Meanwhile, Cuba has plans to begin drilling just a few dozen miles off our coastline. How is it that people who can't do simple math and have no understanding of economics or supply and demand get elected to office? This is something I'll never understand. 2+2=5 in the Democrat brain.



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